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A very rich person would require that many men starve . In such a situation being rich is inherently evil. You should be able to buy it in pill form in a pharmacy. (Pay for it with cash.) The behavior is similar to Prozac, and it takes about a month for the anti-depressant effect to kick in.

I see humanity’s situation as something similar to someone who has a big, interest-bearing loan to deal with. We can either start making some moderately inconvenient monthly payments right now, which means most of us will live, or we can make limefx website one big payment fifty years from now, which means most of us will die. I would argue that overall foreign aid to developing nations is money well spent, with waste due to corruption and funding awful dictators a significant minority of it.

WE Nobody does did that, and Britons paid the price. Referring to the deliberate wrecking of Britain’s post war economy by the US regarding Lend-Lease & other dirty tricks. Sorry EGP. Not wanting to have minuses on my SAN rolls, when I do read your postings, I do my best not to read them very carefully.


Then there’s the little problem with the north Atlantic cod industry, most of China’s northern agricultural ecotone, fracking… Bottom line is that there are countless examples of humans abusing a shared resource until someone steps in and forces everyone to behave responsibly. «Do you argue that commons can’t work, because of this name? Many people do.» I certainly don’t, and neither do Jar, icehawk or JH. But I agree, the term «TotC» gets abused by people in the political sphere who use it to justify conclusions they had already had reached. The fact is that it is actually quite common for vehicles to be in the charge of drivers who are, in fact, fish.

  • As I noted earlier, without early scientists like Lysenko and others the USSR could not possibly build it’s industry, and then survive the loss of the fertile lands for 4 years and still win the war.
  • Luckily we were only on the road with all 5 of us for 3 days of the trip.
  • In which, as predicted, fan-base finally turn and frankly that’s a torched YA career right there.

When my late wife and I were driving from Chicago to Anaheim by way of the Great Northwet, some states’s speed limit was «drive as is reasonable». OK, one overall «grab bag» answer limefx broker reviews to points since my last at #142. Variable speed limits by «how safe the vehicle is» are nonsense; you will just as dead if hit by a «safe car» as by a 1970s «death car» at 50mph.

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When I drove by the a few days ago it looked like the smaller wooden structure will be open before the repairs are done on the taller building. Tall wood gets green light from building code … This is actually a big deal, It allows the construction of timber skyscrapers, allowing the replacement of cement and steel with heavy timber and engineered plywood. Since Adidas already make a shoe with 95% being plastic recovered from the ocean that technology is already available. That should be the actual good news story IMO.

  • The best use for Great Lakes water would be to water cities and industry along the lakes, and that would mean reviving the Rust Belt and making cities like Cleveland and Detroit good places to live again.
  • Then had the sabbatical interrupted by a family medical crisis, of the «an immediate relative spends three months on a stroke ward and will never recover» variety.
  • There’s been some internal division there for over a year now.
  • Neither Milliband brother got “shot to death in a robbery gone wrong”, and journalists who attempt to expose corruption don’t mysteriously get dead by the dozen.

The problem is that the population doesn’t fall evenly, it’s mostly older people that die. So you genuinely do end up with a demographic bulge, and caring for those people is hard to automate. So rather than mine Australia’s artesian water to grow crops and lug them to the other side of the world, you pave Australia with solar generators and ship the electricity to the «grow den» in London or New York or wherever. Instead of making bags of water a great distance from their point of consumption, you grow them where they’re going to be used. That gives you a local cycle and with high population density it’s more practical to do industrial recycling of the waste so you can get closer to a closed system.

That’s what we’d need to have for the atmosphere to be considered a functioning commons. The job market’s tight for degreed people, and less-educated will do what, clean bedpans? Work 2 or 3 jobs to keep a roof over their heads?

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Meanwhile, the MC’s original plan was to run, not win. He’d wind up with greater name recognition than anyone, and could get loans and other trade on that. Winning was the worst possible thing for him….

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He could communicate with whales, porpoises & dolphins using some sort of translating machine. Again, I don’t remember if that was essential to the plot or just background world-building. I think maybe at the climax when the future cop got ready to arrest the bad guys they tried to get away but the whales were able to block their escape.

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12 GW sounds like a lot of grid capacity but for China it’s a drop in the bucket (it represents about 40 million tonnes of coal burned a year, a little over 1% of China’s annual coal consumption). Double it, triple it and they’re maybe starting to get somewhere. Another big factor is exports of this sort of tech to places like Africa which has similar distances to cover to connect coal-fired power stations to cities. Countries like Australia might well be interested in buying in this capability too and maybe even the US, if it ever decides that a real nation-wide grid is a good idea. Leading to Friedman as old hat disguised Marxism. Fact is Keynsianism is wrong too, just not quite as wrong as monetarism.

Like fusion power, negative emissions is doomed to be perpetually 30 years in the future. FGM continues to decline, and is increasingly outlawed as well as socially sanctioned. Both still happen, are still widespread, but less so. If Cheatolini iL Douchebag manages to start a war with Iran it will be neither «short» nor «victorious». And an ignominious fiasco probably will be enough to get him impeached.

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And reduce your literacy factor by 3-4 grades and try it. And we’d have to check the history to make sure the flood story checks out (or was that era’s propaganda drive, given 60,000 billboards advertizing the new deal was made, that’s hella accidental double-whammy). Uranium extraction from seawater is proven experimentally, cost estimates run between $100 and $300 per kilogramme of uranium at the moment.

Policemen and politicians who don’t extort or take bribes. My take is that Russian Government-sponsored influence operations generally aim to disrupt. The fewer coherent power blocs there are, the better-able Russia is to compete. Occasionally, you buy some information, honey trap a businessman.

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