Sironix RenewablesLicense conducted: University inventors: Paul Dauenhauer, Christoph KrummCombines plant-depending products into the practical chemical substances for use in creating safe factors

Sironix RenewablesLicense conducted: University inventors: Paul Dauenhauer, Christoph KrummCombines plant-depending products into the practical chemical substances for use in creating safe factors

enVerde LLCLicense conducted: (inactive)College inventors: Lanny Schmid, Paul DauenhauerConverts various strong biomass parts so you can syngas, always build artificial propane, ammonia, methanol, or other chemical compounds.

Cleanair-Care LLPLicense conducted: University inventors: Charles Lo, David Pui, Tom Kuehn, Sheng-Chieh CheRenewable, energy conserving method to brush huge amounts from additional sky specifically centering on metropolitan heavens when you look at the Chinese metropolises particularly Beijing.

Valerian MaterialsLicense performed: School creators: Marc Hillmyer, Honest Bates, Kechun ZhangMonomer and polymer portion for high performance, bio-degradable plastic materials regarding renewable, green feedstocks and personalized polymer synthesis toward a good contractual base.

ThermChem License carried out: College or university inventors: Steven Heilmann, Kenneth Valentas Energy saving way for reducing wastewater sludge regarding civil and agricultural sewage wastes and you will repairing lipids, phosphorus and nitrogen.

Minnepura (3F)Licenses performed: College or university creators: Al Aksan, Larry Wackett, Michael SadowskyEncapsulation regarding biomaterial that give an excellent, affordable treatment solution to own removal of hydrocarbons and you may agents out-of water.

Nstrong StrategiesLicense conducted: (inactive)College or university founder: Roger RuanProcess to have creating ammonia manure with h2o and you may air that will likely be implemented alongside farmers.

Ascenix BiotechnologiesLicense conducted: (inactive)School creator: Kechun ZhangProcess for taking sugar-founded feedstocks and develop artificial chemical substances having numerous uses together with development out-of high value plastics.

TerraCOH (Heat Mining Team)Licenses performed: College founder: Martin SaarUses sequestered carbon to recuperate geothermal opportunity about environment that is used generate energy.

Argilex TechnologiesLicense conducted: (inactive)School inventor: Michael TsapatsisMembrane technical to own separation techniques like those regarding the petroleum refining, chemical compounds and you will biofuels industries.

BioCeeLicense conducted: (inactive) School inventor: Marc von KeitzCost-productive and ecologically sound creation of brush fuels, toxins, and you will liquid treatment by the using an entire biocatalytic potential from microorganisms.

Systems & Actual Research

Aza Energy Systems Permit performed: Northrop Commercializing tech that utilizes ammonia since the a combustible, non-polluting power so you’re able to boost or replace conventional fuels including gas or diesel strength.

Champaign Imaging License carried out: College or university inventors: Curtis Corum, Michael Garwood, Djaudat Idiyatullin Champaign Imaging LLC was developing imaginative Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) neuroimaging diagnostic solutions and you will is situated from the Curt Corum, a great CMRR researcher and you may co-creator.

Exergi PredictiveLicense conducted: College creator: Have a tendency to NorthrupData analytics program to alter vehicle strength and/or electronic overall performance off crossbreed electronic autos utilized in commercial software like last-mile delivery and you will collection features

Intermix Performance MaterialLicense conducted: College or university creator: Honest BatesTechnology you to definitely increases the efficiency and cost functionality of recycling cleanup post-consumer combined plastic material waste by producing a high quality resulting resins you to deliver an exceptional show polymer metals composed of polypropylene and you may polyethylene.

Counterflow TechnologiesLicense performed: College inventors: Alison Hoxie, Paul Strykowski, and you can Vinod SrinivasanSpray nozzles getting liquids that use reduced sky, pressure and effort to make use of a variety of lower and large viscosity h2o. These types of nozzles should be retrofitted to most, if not all, present spraying setting up.

Traction Molecular TechnologiesLicense carried out: College creators: Steve Koester, Sang-Hyun Oh, Mike McAlpineA graphene-oriented detector that allows less expensive, large abilities review to possess contagious disease diagnostics.

Carpe DiemLicense performed: School creators: Lorraine Francis, Dan FrisbieSelf-straightening move-to-roll nano imprint lithography and you will atomic level deposition solutions and you can tech accustomed build flexible crossbreed electronics, optics and useful surfaces.

MerTronLicense performed: (inactive)School creator: Sandra MyersA technology one to grabs mercury when a body are cremated, thus getting rid of one mercury leaking out towards environment.

Ensor Inc.Permit conducted: (inactive)College maker: Uwe KortshagenBattery chemistry and production process getting a silicone polymer dominant oriented anode that may triple brand new anode energy density and supply restricted loss in strength preservation.

Bolder Flight SystemsLicense done: College or university inventors: Brian Taylor, Chris ReganSoftware and you will resources for many different drone navigation activities and you may expertise.

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